Working with Janus as my life coach helped me organize my thoughts and articulate my struggle as a professional woman in Corporate America. Our sessions gave me thought provoking clarity and a action plan that I can use to make real accomplishments towards my goals in 2021.

Tiffany N. Lee-Parker, MBA, Sr Principle Finance Analyst

Janus is always so passionate about whatever work she partakes in and contributing to the team. She has vast experience in conducting talks, workshops, and coaching in her fields as a certified trainer. She was invited as a content creator for Tiktok Singapore during the circuit breaker.

I strongly recommend her to anyone who needs coaching in the areas of personal and professional goals.

Joselyn Tan

Digital Marketer

My first session with Janus already wow'ed me. She impressed me with her thoughtfulness and thoroughness in her coaching -- she posed her questions in an unthreatening and non-judgmental manner, patiently guiding my responses toward a discovery, an insight about myself that surprised the both of us. Janus helped me move closer to the root cause of some of issues, such as about procrastination. We strategized about how I can change my behavior, yet not change who I am as an individual. I find that valuable. I recommend Janus to anyone serious about improving themselves, but not in ways that would render us unauthentic.

Lim Wee Kiat (PhD), Senior Research Fellow

Janus has guided me as a coach in a journey of personal development and I am grateful for the insights that were generated during these sessions.

I would highly recommend her coaching services for individuals who want to optimize their performance and fulfill their potential in life.

Jowe Chu, Senior Consultant

I was a stay-at-home mother before I went back to the workforce. Having not in touch with the corporate world for 2 years, I had challenges adapting to my new job environment and lifestyle as a career mother. I was very discouraged and frustrated. This has affected my time with my family. I decided to take career coaching with Janus to address to my problems.

Through our coaching conversations, Janus helped me to uncover the causes of my anxiety and frustration which I was not aware. This helped me to overcome the obstacles that I had at work. She also guided me to find new ways of coping situations at work which was previously unknown to me. I was able to plan the simple, but achievable solutions in handling challenges at work after every coaching session.

Having this coaching journey with Janus gives me confidence & clarity at work. I believe there are many ladies who are in the same shoes as me. I highly recommend Janus as their coach, helping to overcome their challenges as a career mother after joining back the workforce.

Jedidah Wee, Office Manager

I"m thankful that I spoke to you during the Be exceptional course. After 1year, you are still motivating me haha

Staffan Stewart, Registered Nurse

Hi Janus

I like to express my appreciation to you for your Coaching session yesterday. I realised that I need to break up and tease out the challenges I am facing. I shouldn't lump them together as a mountain of problems and be "frozen" with limiting belief and negative emotions

You helped to show me the way of looking at each challenge and addressing it, exploring and be opened to other possibilities that can help me overcome my challenge and to take a step at a time to move forward to get what I want.

Ivy Liew, Life Coach, Image Consultant & Recruiter

I have always wanted to start my own business and do not know how to go about doing it.

I got to know Janus through a friend who shared that Janus was an owner of Yoga Studio. I was curious about her journey as an entrepreneur and she was very generous to share about her rise and fall of her business. I like the way that she was very open about her journey. I decided to take up her coaching.

It has been 2 months that I am into this journey with her and it was really an eye-opener. I like the way she facilitated the conversation which helped me to see what is stopping me from starting my business. She uncovered many possibilities which I have never considered before. I finally started my online business.

I am continuing my business coaching with Janus. Although it is only the start, Janus has helped me to see the "why-not" when I only see the "I can't".

Thanks, Janus!

Caleb Tng, Online Business Owner

This is a long due testimony that I should have written in earlier.

I would like to thank Janus for her professionalism in my midlife journey.​

I guess I am one of those who are facing midlife crisis. Being in my mid 40s and single, I am trying hard to balance my responsibility at work and my aged parents. It hasn't been easy for me and I tried to seek friends' advice. I find that none of them is able to understand what I am going through.

I saw her on her Facebook Live when she was presenting on mid-life career search. She presented as someone who is very lively but yet know her stuff. I PM her as I have intention to do a career switch then.

During our conversation, I realised that my issue is not about switching career, but have a deeper issues to work with. I felt it was urgent to deal with that and she is pretty accomodating in continue coaching me with the special price for career coaching.

I had revelations on my blindspots to my problems. She guided me to my solutions and I am happy to say that I have a better understanding with my situation.


Thank you for your non-judgemental conversation that helped me to understand my problem. ​

All the best to you!

Ms Tan

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